20180121 cycling

20180121 bike miles.PNG

What a sad week or riding. It was very cold and I don’t have the gear to ride below 50°. It is rare for it to be that cold for more that a day. Climate change sucks 

It was too cold to ride before work.

union park with blue skies

union park with blue skies

It was cold in the morning, we ran errands and I went in the afternoon. 
71° humidity 40% wind 4-5 NE
Nice to feel warmth and the sun. The wind wasn’t too annoying. 
12.94 miles
12.36 mph

Too cold to ride. 

Too cold to ride 

mostly clear skies at union park

mostly clear skies at union park

It was cold in the morning so I waited until the afternoon to go out. 
63° humidity 39% wind??
I forgot to check the wind direction and it seem to be always against me. When I stopped, I checked 3 apps and found three different wind speeds and directions!
Wahoo stopped recording or at least showing any speed for awhile on SR56   
13.37 miles
12.6 mph

Too cold to ride 

20180121 bike.PNG

56° humidity 87% wind 4 NE
Nice to see the sun coming up earlier. 
Chilly but not too bad. 
Wahoo app paused a couple of time. I don’t know what is wrong with it it also truncated a portion of my ride again
6.66 miles
12.4 mph 

This week 32.9 miles
This year 123 miles