20180107 cycling

20180106 bike summary.PNG

This was the worst week for riding. It was very busy at work and cold weather moved in. I missed three days because of weather and, afterwards, I was too tired and too cold to ride more than 30 minutes. I had a three day weekend but I was too exhausted to do much. I should probably be happy that I rode as much as I did. 

59° humidity 88% wind 4 NW
I saw the rain forecast and forgot to check out the wind direction. I went my usual route and was hampered by wind and rain. My wool shirt kept me comfortable. 
8.53 miles
12.26 mph 

20180102 weather 642.PNG

Too cold to ride. 

20180103 weather 506.PNG

Too cold to ride. 

20180104 weather 655.PNG

Too cold to ride. 

53° humidity 27% wind 7 NNE
I had intended on a long ride but the conflicting wind reports (Carrot Weather said a NW wind, WeatherNerd said NNE) and a tired made me stick to a short ride. The wind was strong and went through my sweatshirt. I need to invest in a wind proof vest. The sun felt good but not enough to make me ride harder or longer. 
6.29 miles
11.78 mph 

It was too cold in the morning and I was lazy and waited until late afternoon. 
56° humidity 35% wind 3-8 NNE
I wore my shorts and it was chilly. The sun did not help. I only did a short ride. 
6.08 miles
12.15 mph 

it was nice to see the sun and blue skies

it was nice to see the sun and blue skies

Too cold this morning. I waited for the temperature to rise. 
66° humidity 49% wind 6-11 E
I blew my nose too hard and it started bleeding. I didn’t stop but got my rag and kept going. The wind was strong but I felt OK except for the nose bleed. 
9.07 miles
12.18 mph

This week 30 miles
This year 30 miles