20170319 cycling

Not many miles this week. The weather turned unseasonably cold. And the rides I did get done, were short, without stops, so I took no photos.

62° humidity 91% wind 7 NE
Quick ride before work. 
6.03 miles
11.92 mph

58° humidity 89% wind 7 NW
Chilly and windy.
Saw the sand hill crane family on Hueland Pond again. They have two offspring and they are so cute.
8.11 miles 11.99 mph

It was too cold to ride before Andy's appointment. 
We went in the afternoon. 
62° humidity 46% wind 4 NW
I asked Andy is he wanted to go and he got ready. It was windy. 
We rode out to SR56 then to Hueland Pond and through the high school. My heart rate was not high enough so Apple Watch didn't count it as exercise. Sigh
6.98 miles
7.44 mph

It was too cold to ride before Special Olympics.

Too cold to ride before I met Nancy.

Another cold morning but it warmed up.
I rode to the bank and then to Wiregrass Fresh Market and rode home.
I went to ride my road bike but found the rear tire completely flat?! I pumped up the tire but put it back in the rack and road my 820.
AM Ride
3.68 miles
10.94 mph
PM Ride
4.94 miles
11.28 mph

I slept in so couldn't ride before breakfast. I thought I would go out in the afternoon but I ended up working in the yard instead. (My tire was completely flat again.)

This week 29.7 miles
This year 632 miles