20170219 cycling


62° humidity 92% wind 4 NE
I went out to BBD. Driver clipped me as she was exited Shoppes at New Tampa. She didn't stop and didn't see me. I moved some but the mirror clipped my handlebars. I stayed upright but was angry. I turned around and saw she was waving "sorry." Ugh. As she passed, I noted her license plate, 907 4JE. Silver hatchback, maybe a Hyundai?
Stopped at Mansfield. 
Headwind on Hueland Pond. 
Headwind on CLR. 
8.12 miles
12.23 mph

62° humidity 93% wind 1 SE
Grey day with little wind. I rode to Union Park. 
12.47 miles
11.63 mph

66° humidity 94% wind 4-6 S
Grey and windy. I probably should have done the other way. The wind seemed against me at every turn. 
12.5 miles
10.95 mph

how long before these are filty?

how long before these are filty?

58° humidity 73% wind 5 NW
Reverse loop. Felt so good to be on my road bike. It is so quiet and smooth. Bike computer no longer working I adjusted the sensor but I think the wires may have snapped. 
8.47 miles
13.02 mph

48° humidity 93% wind 1 ENE
I took the old bike computer off and moved my bell up to the handlebars. 
It was cold but the sun felt good. Riding this bike seems effortless since the gears are new and the shifting is indexed. 
I turned onto MPB and noticed the tire felt soft. I stopped and checked and it was soft. I don't remember riding over anything that would have given me a flat. I tried to pump it up but it only got worse. I noticed the valve stem was crooked even before I tried to pump it up. One guy on a bike stopped but I said I was OK. 
I finally took the wheel off and changed the tube. Getting the tire off is always a struggle. I didn't see any nicks of holes. I pulled out a new tube and put it on. Putting it on was easier than in the past. Pumping it up was not easy. I do not like my pump as I am never sure if I have it seated properly. I had to stop once to inflate some more.
My tire was still a little soft so I rode carefully home. I pumped it up when I got him with my floor pump. 
5.34 miles
11.76 mph

54° humidity 85% wind 3 E
Tire still felt firm, yay. 
Late start so short ride. 
6.45 miles
12.56 mph

64° humidity 97% w 1 NW
Foggy. I went out to BBD. 
8.10 miles
12.49 mph

This week 61.4
This year 412 miles