20171224 cycling

slf 20171208-12.jpg

We had extended hours at work but I managed to get 71 miles. 
Foggy weather and a tire failure.

63° humidity 93% wind 2 SE
Quick ride before work. 
9.09 miles
12.92 mph

slf 20171219-2.jpg

65° humidity 92% wind 1N
Foggy but bright. I wore my sunglasses until they fogged up. 
It seems like I had to pedal harder for any speed. I forgot to check my tire pressure before I left and it had been awhile since I added any air. Then I turned onto Mansfield and could feel every pebble. I knew my tire was low. It continually lost air until I had to walk home from Allegro. I filled it when I got home and will see if it holds air or needs to be changed tomorrow. 
13.31 miles
12.04 mph

slf 20171220-3.jpg

Changed both tires. Found a small piece of wire in the back that caused the flat. I changed the front tire because it was wearing out. 

66° humidity 87% wind 3 SSW
Sunny. It took nearly an hour to change my tires. I am slow and cannot get the tires on and off easily
Felt much faster but didn’t push it. 
Headwind along SR56 and Mansfield
13.49 miles
12.63 mph

slf 20171220-4.jpg

71° humidity 94% wind 2 SW
I didn’t register the SW in my brain and went my usual route. Headwind along SR56 and Mansfield. 
9.20 miles
13.28 mph

slf 20171222-8.jpg

62° humidity 93% wind 2 E
Very foggy. Moisture clouded my glasses so I had to take them off. 
Lots of traffic in Union Park to avoid. Good pace. Didn’t push. 
13.57 miles
13.02 mph

62° humidity 94% wind 1 SE
Foggy. Quick ride. 
6.57 miles
12.34 mph


60° humidity 97% wind 1 SE
Too foggy and too dark. I still hadn’t put on my light and couldn’t see much. I had to take off my glasses. I should not have gone out Mansfield because there are no streetlights past Meadow Pointe. The MUP was even worse and I moved to SR56 as soon as I could. At least the bike lanes have a traffic line that has some reflection. I was tense and the Wahoo app picked up on it or was glitchy and showed an elevated heart rate. 
6:58 miles
11.93 mph

This week 71.8
This year 3528