20171210 cycling

slf 20171204-1.jpg

I have been very tired this week because of working late. I made a choice to ride easier on the longer rides.

i love interesting skies

i love interesting skies

63° humidity 76% wind 5 NE
Another easy ride. Sun came out halfway into ride. 
Saw an alligator swimming in a pond along Oldwoods east of MPB
13.52 miles
12.13 mph

slf 20171205-5.jpg

71° humidity 74% wind 2+ SE
Late start. Warm and windier than 2mph. Easy pace. 
I rode out to Union Park. 
I saw the alligator laying next to the pond. It was bigger than I thought. 
Headwind along Mansfield. 
13.28 miles
12.64 mph

patchy fog and cool

patchy fog and cool

64° humidity 78% wind 4 SW
Patchy fog and bright sun. 
Quick ride. 
Man in black truck stopped on crosswalk just as the light turned green for me and blocked me. He never looked my way. I slapped his bed to get his attention. He didn’t care. 
9.06 miles
13.19 mph

slf 20171207-9.jpg

67° humidity 87% wind 3 ENE
Foggy and overcast. 
Easy pace
13.51 miles
12.68 mph

slf 20171208-12.jpg

69° humidity 83% wind 8 SSW?
It didn’t register in my brain and I went out CLR to Mansfield. Turns out I was right and the direction was wrong. The wind was more easterly and not that strong. Headwind along Mansfield. 
Moderate pace. 
13.46 miles
12.46 mph

56° humidity 79% wind 10 NW
Cold, wet and windy. Quick ride with no stops. 
7.13 miles
12.34 mph

slf 20171210-16.jpg

55° humidity 62% wind 4 NNW +
I had to wait until it got warm enough to ride. That meant it was windier too.
Wahoo app added a slight jog so I earned more miles than I actually rode
15.93 miles
12.85 mph
This week 85.8
This year 3381