20171105 cycling

20171104 bike summary.PNG

64° humidity 32% wind 2 NE
It was too cold to ride before work. I got out early and rode after I got home. Sun was low and I wore my sunglasses. I didn’t bring my regular ones and I could have used them half way through the ride. Lots of traffic with people going home from work. 
I had a good pace despite my ankle hurting so I didn’t want to stop. 
9.13 miles
13.43 mph

46° humidity 89% wind 0 NE
Cold and sunny. I wore my heavy gloves which keep my hands warm but I cannot use my phone nor my Apple Watch with them on. 
Rode without a stop. 
9.10 miles
13.25 mph
This month 603 km (374.69 miles)


58° humidity 90% wind 2 NE
coffeeneuring #3
Sunny but cool in the shade. 
Rode to MPB to SR56 to WRB. I heard some cows as I was going around the first roundabout and circled back. They were 3 small calves in the pen. Were they being weened? I got off my bike and walked to the fence and took some photos. They seemed curious and took a few steps towards me but didn’t come up to the fence. 
I continued onto Chancey over to Seven Oaks. I rode south to SR56 and turned east. 
Gate on SR56 I rode around the building looking for a bike rack. There was none. I locked my bike to one of the round metal tables.  
Gate is not as big as RaceTrac and Wawa, They did have coffee, cocoa (out of order), shakes and smoothies, only sweet and unsweetened tea, sodas. They had some pre-made hot sandwiches a roller bar and frozen yogurt. I know some prefer the insulated foam cups. They do have contactless payment in case you forget your wallet. $1.06
I sat outside in the shade, out of the wind. The tea was OK. 
I rode back on SR56 to Northwood Palms and rode through to CLR the east towards home. It was windy on the way home and I didn’t feel like fighting it. 
17.84 miles
13.04 mph


58° humidity 95% wind 1 NNE
Chilly but not too cold. Steamy ponds, foggy fields. 
Felt good. 
Sun came up about half way into the ride. 
9.65 miles
13.65 mph

60° humidity 95% wind 1 NNE
Dark. Some steam from the ponds. Fog in the fields. Area of warm air after I passed a field and it felt good. 
The light was with me at SR56 and Mansfield so I went through and never stopped. 
9.04 miles
13.48 mph


62° humidity 95% wind 1 NNE
Very sunny. Going east on Oldwoods, keeping my head down because the sun was in my eyes, I didn’t see the hauler with a load of sod sitting on the road. I nearly rode into it but veered just in time
Oldwoods extension has the first layer of pavement. There were no road blocks and no construction crews so I took it to Tonka and turned into Union Park. 
14.07 miles
13.46 mph


64° humidity 90% wind 2 NNE
I rode as far as I could on Oldwoods. They are still working on it and have only gotten to first boundary of Union Park.  
My legs didn’t feel so strong. Probably because I worked late last night. 
13.92 miles
13.10 miles
This week 82.7
This year 2958