december cycling

2016.12.04 cycling
57° humidity 86% wind 5 NE
Managed to not stop at Mansfield but the light changed for me. 
Quick loop. Ran into school traffic. 
8.49 miles
13.63 mph
65° humidity 91% wind 4 SE
We haven't had a SE wind in over a month!
Tried to push it hard. I rode along Oldwoods just to Union Park. 
Headwind along Mansfield. 
No stops. 
10.6 miles
13.67 mph
67° humidity 93% wind 5-6 SE
Crap ride. I had no energy and the wind was too much. 
Broken glass on Beardsley and Whitlock. 
Headwind along Mansfield
Broken glass on Mansfield. 
One loop. 
9.04 miles
12.58 mph
71° humidity 93% wind 6-7 SSE-SSW
No wind on the block, thought I might try my regular route. Headwind along Mansfield made me change my route. I knew I didn't want to fight it on the way home. 
I rode Kinnan to Brockton to Meadowcreek. I did a loop back to Brockton to Cross Creek. I went back to Kinnan. It wasn't enough miles so I went through Live Oak. 
I didn't stop and didn't feel like I needed to until the last mile home. 
11.77 miles
13.0 mph
58° humidity 68% wind 9-10 NNE
Too frickin windy. The Verizon flags were blowing. 
I did one short loop. 
8.41 miles
12.73 mph
56° humidity 76% wind 4 NE
Late start, short ride. 
6.53 miles
12.78 mph
60% humidity 90% wind 6ENE
Cool and windy. Didn't push it.
One loop.
8.42 miles
12.81 mph
This week 63.2 miles
This year 2432 miles

2016.12.11 cycling
68° humidity 94% wind 3 SE
Late start. Wind was annoying. 
Had to stop for school bus at Claridge Place. 
Headwind along Hueland Pond and Mansfield. 
Car stopped along Mansfield just past school to let out kid. As I passed I saw the driver's side wind open and I said "asshole". She honked at me. Whatever. 
8.44 miles
13.39 mph
75° humidity 91% wind 9 S
Grey and very windy. 
I went Mansfield to Kinnan. 
I had to stop on Kinnan for crosswalk. Why couldn't the crossing guard wait another 5 seconds for me to pass? 
Rode around Brockton to Cross Creek and back to Kinnan. 
It was a mistake to go through Live Oak at that time. I had to stop twice for school crossings. 
10.53 miles
12.51 mph
63° humidity 95% wind 2 NNW
Cool and foggy. 
Went out to BBD. Not much energy in my legs. 
Apple Watch disconnecting and one spot on MPB. This has happened for the last few days. 
11.1 miles
13.67 mph
59° humidity 92% wind 8 NNW
One loop. No energy. 
11.13 miles
12.98 mph
53° humidity 73% wind 9 N
Cold! Just a short ride to fill the rings. 
I went up to Mansfield against the wind. I barely got above 12 mph. 
6.5 miles
12.01 mph
No ride. Cold and I had to be to work early. 
54° humidity 93% w 3 NE
Chilly. One loop. 
8.46 miles
12.93 mph
This week 56.2 miles
This year 2489 miles

2016.12.18 cycling
No ride. I had to be to work at 9am. 
67° humidity 93% wind 2 NE
Good ride. Some fog. 
13.49 miles
13.2 mph
65° humidity 95% wind 2 ESE
Foggy. I had to remove my glasses. 
Tree trimming trucks blocking bike lane on Beardsley. 
Accidentally hit end instead of pause when I stopped at Union Park. 
Utility truck blocking path on MUP along SR56. 
12.41 miles
12.88 mph
67° humidity 85% wind 3 NW
I went out to BBD. My cadence and HRM stopped showing up on myWahoo app. Weird. 
One loop
11.11 miles
13.47 mph
56° humidity 74% wind 4 NE
Chilly and windy. No energy. 
8.41 miles
12.98 mph
This week 44.4 miles
No ride. Had to be at work early. 
71° humidity 92% wind 5 SE
Too warm and windy. 
One loop. 
8.41 miles
12.41 mph
This week 52.8
This year 2542

2016.12.25 cycling
No ride, had to work at 9am
67° humidity 92% wind 6 NE
Grey and windy. 
Tachycardia just before SR56. I stopped and tried to calm down but it wasn't helping. I rode casually home. It find went back to normal before WRES. 
10 miles
12.42 mph
60° humidity 93% wind 3 NNE
Grey and windy again. No energy to push. 
Cars entering The Ridge didn't stop. FedEx truck leaving the Mental Health Facility didn't stop. Assholes. 
Headwind along Mansfield
10.59 miles
12.57 mph
55° humidity 93% wind 4 N
No energy. Even the sun being out didn't help
Nearly rode into a truck parked in the bike lane on Beardsley. My head was down because of the sun. Asshole was reading the paper. 
Had to slow down for bus at Beaconsfield. 
9.02 miles 12.41 mph
No ride. I had to work early. 
No ride. I had to wrap presents. 
74° humidity 90% wind 6NE
Warm and very windy. I didn't have much energy to fight the wind. 
12.52 miles
12.15 mph
This week 42
This year 2584

2017.01.01 cycling
It wasn't a very good week for riding. 
No ride. I had to be to work early.
67° humidity 94% wind 3 ENE
Sunny. I zoned out and missed the turn to Union Park. 
9 miles 13.1 mph
65° humidity 94% wind 3 N
Tired. Just pedaling, no bike extra strength. 
12.49 miles
13.35 mph
61° humidity 95% wind 2 W
I rode out to BBD to SR56. Wind was light. 
Very little energy. 
11.11 miles
13.64 mph
47° humidity 45% wind 7 NNW
Cold and windy. Rode to BBD to SR56. 
7.2 miles
12.17 mph
38º Too cold to ride
Not enough time. 
This week 39.8 miles
This year 2622 miles