20170129 cycling

60° humidity 85% wind 9 W
Wind wasn't a problem until Mansfield. It felt more like 5SW
Wet roads. Lots of debris from the wind yesterday. Little energy. 
7.12 miles
12.12 mph

Drove the boys to school, no ride

52° humidity 96% wind 2 SE
Cold and foggy. I had to take off my glasses and the moisture soaked through my clothes. 
Dense fog and some cars driving without lights! 
Truck parked on path just east of mental health facility. Ugh. 
12.41 miles
12.15 mph

68° humidity 95% wind 4 SSE to 10 SSW
Late start and ran into bus pickups. Had to slow down twice. 
Wind got stronger and changed directions. Headwind along SR56 & Mansfield. No energy. 
12.75 miles
11.98 mph

59° humidity 59% wind 7 NNW
Headwind most of the way. Chillier, too. 
Car turning right from SR56 to Mansfield as I was approaching the intersection. I saw she had a bike rack and thought she would yield. She did not and even motioned her hand like "oh well." Man. 
Energy feeling a little better. 
11.07 miles
12.32 mph

Too cold to ride before work.

Too cold and rainy to ride before church.

This week: 43.3 miles
This year: 246 miles