20170122 cycling

59° humidity 91% wind 2 NE
Tired. Wahoo app lost sensors early in the ride and never came back. One loop. 
9.03 miles
12.7 mph

60° humidity 94% wind 3 NE
Slow start. Felt like a chore. Wahoo kept connected to BT sensors throughout the ride.  
Had to stop at Mansfield for traffic. 
Headwind along Mansfield. 
12.48 miles
12.92 mph

58° humidity 96% wind 3 SE
Chilly. Steamy ponds. Foggy fields. 
Earlier so ran into kids waiting for school bus at Union Park and had to ride over the bridge. Same on the way back so didn't stop until I got to SR56. 
Ran into school traffic at JLMS and drivers blocking the bike lane. Ugh
12.45 miles
12.69 mph

59° humidity 95% wind 1 SE
Mind was elsewhere. Sun was warm
12.41 miles
12.78 mph

66° humidity 93% wind 7 SE
Too windy for my regular route. I went south to Kinnan around Brockton to Cross Creek and back. I skipped Live Oak as I just wasn't feeling like riding any longer. 
I had to stop on Mansfield at CLR for the light and almost stop at Stetson for the school bus. 
8.06 miles
11.74 mph

63° humidity 95% wind 5SE
Chilly and sunny. Patchy fog. 
Not feeling any energy, went on fat-burning ride. 
12.48 miles
12.19 mph

71° humidity 93% wind 9 S
Windy. I only rode to get my week in. Down Kinnan and back. 
6.66 miles
11.17 mph

This week 73.5 miles
This year 202 miles