20170115 cycling

i stopped at the same spot almost every day.

i stopped at the same spot almost every day.

Too cold to ride before work. 

53° humidity 89% wind 7 NE
Cold but didn't really need my long gloves. 
Windy and no energy to fight it. 
Dead raccoon on Beardsley. 
Rode through Union Park. 
Hit end instead of pause on Apple Watch when I stopped for a rest. 
12.46 miles
12.13 mph

58° humidity 94% wind 4 NE
I thought I felt better but no. No energy to ride. I kept a casual pace. 
Headwind along Mansfield
12.48 miles
12.33 mph

Sun was low and in my eyes. 
No energy. 
Driver stopped in crosswalk to turn right in red at Mansfield and SR56. Ass. 
Ran into school traffic. Driver in Lexus in bike lane. I was left with sandy gutter and slid. I had to brace myself on her car. Ass. More selfish drivers near the school entrance. Ugh. 
10.62 miles
12.6 mph

60° humidity 95% wind 5 NE
I feel a bit better. Chilly at first as I wore shorts and just long sleeved base and t-shirt. 
Headwind along Mansfield
Missed most of the school traffic at JLMS. 
Auto accident on CLR at Stetson. 
12.47 miles
12.71 mph

63° humidity 95% wind 3 NE
Feeling OK. Foggy and overcast. 
Wahoo stopped seeing devices then reconnected later. Apple Watch had several gaps. 
10.56 miles
12.99 mph

61° humidity 95% wind 3 NE
Short ride before breakfast. 
8.43 miles 12.43 mph
This week 67
This year 129