20170108 cycling

christmas trees decorating the tower at union park bridge

christmas trees decorating the tower at union park bridge

62° humidity 94% wind 5 ESE
Wahoo sensors not picking up. 
Rode out to Union Park. Distracted. 
12 miles
13.1 mph

71° humidity 95% wind 9 S
Too warm and windy. 
I went Mansfield to Kinnan to Brockton to Cross Creek. It was late enough that I missed all the school traffic. 
Distracted riding back up Kinnan and rode off the road twice. WTH
Rode through Live Oak. 
10.64 miles
12.8 mph

75° humidity 95% wind 5 WSW
Raining in the beginning but I was late and couldn't wait. It wasn't too bad but the wind was annoying. Hands were numb. 
7.16 miles
12.96 mph

59° humidity 94% wind 1 NE
Chill felt good. Sunny. 
Saw a deer trying to cross MPB. She hesitated as I got near. She tried a couple more times but cars were coming in the other direction. She finally found a clear path and hopped across. 
Rode through Union Park. 
12.59 miles
13.09 mph

59° humidity 94% wind 3 SE
Sunny and breezy. Wahoo stopped reading Tickr and Cadence sensors when I turned onto MPB and Rode to Union Park. Headwind along Mansfield. Feet were cramping. 
12.75 miles
13.2 mph

67° humidity 90% wind 6 SW
Very windy and wet. I could feel my back getting wet despite the rack blocking the spray. 
Rode out to BBD to SR56. The wind was with me along Mansfield. 
7.13 miles
12.13 mph

Too cold to ride.