20160925 cycling

It feels good to see those squares filled in even if the rides aren’t very long.

77° humidity 94% wind 1 SW
Late start and wind direction made me go out towards BBD. Even with the slight wind against me, I was at 14.3 by the time I got to BBD and 14.6 when I got to SR56. Some headwind caused me to slow down to 14.5 but I recovered on Mansfield. 
I ran into traffic at JLMS. 
7.13 miles 14.62 mph

76° humidity 95% wind 2 SE (felt stronger)
I tried to ride hard but my body wasn't having it. One loop. 
9.07 miles 13.66 mph

79° humidity 93% wind 3 NE (felt stronger)
Very late start. 
Rode one loop. Slowed down by bus on Beardsley. 
Barrels are blocking Hueland Pond at SR56. 
Headwind along Mansfield was strong. 
Stopped by light at WRHS. Forgot to hit resume and lost 1.25 miles. 
9 miles 13.32 mph

 ryan's 18th birthday

73° humidity 94% wind 1 ENE
Sun not up yet, turned on my lights. 
I felt the wind but it didn't bother me. 
Bike computer showing average speed 2 mph faster than Wahoo app. 
Almost ran over a frog. It was lying in the bike path on Beardsley. I avoided it thinking it was a rock. I am glad it didn't get spooked and hop into my tire. 
9 miles 13.73 mph

 ryan's 18th birthday

73° humidity 94% wind 1 NNE
Late start, short ride. 
I went out Mansfield to Hueland Pond to SR56 to Mansfield. 
6.05 miles 13.84 mph (14)

76° humidity 94% wind 2 NE
Later start. Not as cool. 
I had time so I rode out to Union Park. 
Then I rode up SR56 to Mansfield. 
Headwind along Mansfield slowed me down so and I tried to push. 
11.22 miles 13.81 mph (13.9)

This week 50.2 miles
This year 1759 miles