20160911 cycling

Yay! I rode six days this week. 

Labor Day but I scheduled myself to work. 
74° humidity 95% wind 4 NE
Late start = short ride. 
I went to Mansfield, turned on Hueland Pond Blvd. Turned north on SR56 and back on Mansfield. 
The wind was annoying. 
6.16 miles 13.93 mph

77° humidity 85% wind 5 NE
I got a late start and it was too windy. I rode my favorite loop and battled the wind most of the way. 
Construction crew working north of the mental health facility and blocking the path. 
9 miles 13.52 mph

73° humidity 94% wind 4 NE
It seemed windier. 
Construction crew north of mental health facility had fencing up around the site. But the gates open out and completely block the path. I rode in the street on the other side of SR56 as a precaution and I was right to do so. As I rode, I watched a jogger have to stop to squeeze through the opening. Why are they allowed to do that without providing a detour?
9.5 miles 13.75 mph

72° humidity 93% wind 5 NE
Windier. I tried to push it harder. 
Construction north of mental health facility completely blocking path with gates and vehicles. Still no sidewalk closed signs. 
Rode path the closure signs on WRB. They are redoing the intersection and have their construction signs posted where the pavement ends. 
Crossing guard waved me through while kids were crossing service road at WES. 
9.9 miles 13.89 mph

79° humidity 89% wind 5 NE
Windy and warm. One loop. 
Headwind along Mansfield was fierce. I had no energy to push. 
9.63 miles 13.3 mph

76° humidity 94% wind 3 ENE
Late start so I shortened the ride through Hueland Pond. I saw two hot air balloons but they never got close enough to photograph. The wind seemed to shift so it was always in front of me. Headwind along Mansfield was tough to overcome. 
8.5 miles 14.11 mph

This week 52.8 miles
This year 1655 miles