20160731 cycling

72° humidity 94% wind 3 ESE
I was ready before Ryan but let him go first. 
Felt good. Wind was annoying. I pushed through it and was up to 14.1 when I got to SR56. 
I maxed at 14.5 mph until I hit the Headwind along Mansfield. 
10 miles 14.1 mph

storms forming along the west coast

storms forming along the west coast

78° humidity 91% wind 4 ESE
The wind was stronger and I tried to fight it. The wind helped me to get to 14 mph on SR56. 
Headwind along Mansfield killed any momentum. I really had to put it to keep my pace above 14. 
10 miles 14.14 mph

78° humidity 92% wind 4 ESE
Late start. I decided on a short ride to Oldwoods and back. Rode hard and got my pace up. Pushed it and kept it up. 
7 miles 14.2 mph

77° humidity 92% wind 1 ENE
Really muggy. 
Another short ride. I pushed it as much as I could. Stomach ache. 
7 miles 14.1 mph

80° humidity 91% wind 1 ESE
I forgot my water but didn't want to turn around. 
My mind was elsewhere. 
No wind to hurt not help. 
WRB is being torn up at Chancey. No more extra mile for a while. 
9.8 miles 14.09 mph

No ride. Washing machine leaked and I had to clean up the flood. 

This week: 44 miles
This year: 1420 miles