20160619 cycling

clouds are moving in

clouds are moving in

79° 84% wind 3 WNW
I didn't want to ride. I was tired and my head hurt. 
I went out CLR to BBD and felt better. My legs were strong and I pushed it. Car on shoulder on SR56. It moved a couple feet over when it saw me approaching. I still had to ride in the car lane. MPII blocking bike lane on CLR to clean sidewalks? 
My head still hurts but I am glad that I rode. 
11 miles 14.8 mph

Tired and lazy. I didn't ride but I did go swimming with Andy. 

79° 77% humidity wind 3 WSW
Went out CLR to BBD. I was at 14mph by the time I hit BBD. Rode hard. Wind was not a factor. Flirted with 15.1 mph
Bum did not bother me. 
11 miles 15.07 mph

81° humidity 79% wind 5-8mph
Didn't feel like riding and the wind hit me right away. I went out to BBD. I only got up to 14.8 mph and lost much of when I hit Beardsley. Legs felt weak. 
11 miles 14.3 mph

I had some computer woes. iTunes wouldn't work and we rely on it for downloads and syncing for all of our devices. I thought I found the fix but the fix wouldn't work. I spent my morning trying and failing to fix it.

I tried another solution for the continued computer woes. It worked but I was "late" and decided not to ride. I think I need to get up at 5 on Saturdays.

Another sad week of biking. Only three rides. 

This week: 30.2 miles
This year: 1176 miles