20160508 cycling

No ride. I worked on a photo book for Samuel. 

70° wind 5 SSE
Good ride. I had energy despite not sleeping well. I was up to 14.3 when I turned into WRB. I lost a bit but gained it back. Sweaty. 
10 miles 14.25 mph

Rain. No ride. 

60° wind 4 WNW
I rode the long look. I had to stop at Mansfield for the light. I tried to push it the last 2 miles but got stopped by the same bus twice and almost a third bus. 
11 miles 13.86 mph

56° wind 3 N
Cold and no energy. Distracted by the hrs drive fail? 
Rode one loop. 
10 miles 13.5 mph

56° wind 3 NNW
Late start so I did a short ride. No stops and rode he'd to get above 14 mph
7 miles 14.15 mph

This week: 38.4 miles
This year: 923 miles