20160515 cycling

60° wind 3 E
Good ride. Saw hot air balloon. 
Lights flashing red at SR56 and
Mansfield. I got through fairly easy. 
10 miles 14.4 mph

Doctor appointment, no ride. 

70° wind 1 ESE
Good, hard ride. 
10 miles 14.3 mph

69° wind 3 ESE
Overcast. Wind wasn't a factor. 
Good ride. 
10 miles 14.5 mph

71° wind 3 NE
Headed out to BBD. Had to stop for school crossing. 
Wind wasn't an issue. I was up to 14 mph by the time I got to BBD. I was up to 14.5 mph by the time I got to SR56. 
I did get up to 14.7 mph but couldn't keep it up. 
11 miles 14.5 mph

70° wind 2 W (wrong)
Tired from working late. I headed out to BBD taking it easy. I didn't push but kept a decent pace. 
I could feel the wind when I turned onto Mansfield. The wind was coming from the SE. At least it wasn't strong. 
7 miles 13.8 mph

This week 48.6 miles
This year 972 miles