errandonnee #2-4

Saturday 2016.03.05
Chilly and some wind, about 60º

#2 It was National Cheese Doodle Day so I thought I would celebrate by getting bag of my favorite, Barbaras Cheese Puffs. I rode to Nutrition Smart to get cheese puffs for National Cheese Doodle Day. It is about 2 miles from my home.
There is no bike rack so I locked my bike up to the railing used to corral the shopping carts. 
I forgot gum so my mouth was dry from riding. I got some pomegranate juice that was carbonated and icky. 
I was getting on my bike and lost my balance. I did a slow motion fall. Ugh. Thankfully there were no witnesses. 

#3 I wanted to get some honey to give to someone at work. Local honey has helped me with my seasonal allergies. 
I rode to the Shops of Wiregrass for Fresh Market. Fresh Market is a local farmers' market and craft show held twice a month. The market starts at 10 but they are open for business as they set up their booths. There were few people walking around at 9:30 so I rode right up the booth, got my honey and left. I didn't even have to get off my bike.

#4 I rode to work. Maybe this is a cheat but I work at The Shops of Wiregrass. Even though I live only a few miles from home, I have never ridden my bike to work. Some of my excuses include: varying schedule which includes nights; single parent with disabled kids; having an elderly parent living with us; living in Florida which high humidity which make riding in summer very sweaty; wearing skirts and having no step through bike.
Today, I threw all those excuses out, put on some dress pants (rolled up the right pant leg) and rode to work.
The cool weather helped me from getting sweaty as well as the casual pace.
There are bike racks through the mall but none near our employee entrance. I locked my bike to the railing for the stairs. It was first time using this particular u-lock so it took a bit to get it positioned correctly. (My first u-locks were purchased in the early 1990s and had the vulnerable lock mechanism so they were thrown out.) I was a little concerned about my bike still being there when I got out but it was in a spot that is frequented by employees on their smoking breaks.
3.75 miles 8.62 mph
I am a salesperson and am on my feet all day. After 5 hours, I really didn't want to have to ride home but there was nothing to be done. My bike was there and I unlocked it. I rolled my pant legs up because it was warm. I rode home.
The MUP home is blocked by construction so I rode in the street, in the bike lane. I didn't wear a helmet and was a little concerned being on a fast highway. I put my faith in the drivers.
I did get hot and sweaty on my way home. It was nearly 80º. It took me less than 20 minutes to ride the 4 miles home.
I will ride again next week as part of the Errandonnee challenge and may do afterwards. On my wish list is a step through bike so I ride in a skirt.
4.09 miles 12.45mph
Total mileage for all three errands, 7.89 miles
Total mileage of challenge 13.81 miles