20160320 cycling

70° wind 7 SSW
The wind felt against me at every turn. I got up to13mph by the time I reached SR56 but never got higher and had to work to maintain it. 
I had to stop for a bus at Beaconsfield & MPB. A state trooper and driver behind him cut me off as I was crossing SR56 with the light. Assholes
10 miles 12.95 mph

82° wind 8 SSW
It was slow and windy. We rode to SR56 and back through WRHS. 
Oh well, at least I got a ride in.
5.5 miles 7.8 mph

69° wind 2 SW but shifted to NWCLR to Aronwood. I had to stop at SPES for crossing guards. Rode in the street along SR56. There are some big bumps and gaps on the MUP at Hueland Pond. 
I saw the couple who pick up the trash. He was riding a bike while she walked. 
I had to slow down for bus at MPIII and for a bus at Hillhurst Dr. The buses are no longer picking kids up on the same side so it takes longer for them to cross the street and board. 
11 miles 13.2 mph

71° wind 2 SSW
I went out CLR to BBD. I felt little wind. I felt strong too. I had a good pace on SR56. I had to stop at the light at Mansfield. 
The wind against me on MPB but I kept pace. I slowed down a bit on Beardsley. I pushed it to get above 14 mph pace. The wind felt stronger than 2 mph
11 miles 14 mph

Andy & I went out after dinner. It was a beautiful evening, Overcast and little breeze. 80°
We went to SR56. Andy road in the street along CLR because of the blocked sidewalks. He did well and stayed close behind me. 
5.5 miles 8.11mph

Dark. 67° wind 5 NE
Ryan went out before me. I forgot to tell him to turn on his light. I saw him turning onto Mansfield and sped up to catch him. He moved off the road to let me pass not knowing it was me. I showed him how to turn on his light and turned around. I was warmed up by then and rode hard the rest of the way. Because it was dark, I didn't notice my bike computer hadn't been reset. I let it go and tried to keep it at 14mph
Sunrise was at 7:35. Andy was waiting for me when I got home. I beat Ryan home. 
10 miles 14 mph

I rode 6 days for 54 miles