20160308 errandonee #7

Errandonnee #7

I rode my bike to work and back.
68° wind 6 ESE
Rode up to Mansfield. Dusty from construction. Wind was with me. I got a little sweaty though I didn't really ride hard. My backpack does not channel air. 
4 miles. 11.74mph

81° wind 9 ESE
It was tough going home. It was too warm and too windy. The wind was against me most of the ride. My clothes felt too tight. My pedals gripped my loafers well enough,but my feet slipped inside my shoes and jammed my toes.
I had to take a shower when I got home. 
4 miles 10.3 mph

I have worked at my present job for just over a year. I had looked for a place close to home so I could ride to work. I have had too many excuses not to ride before. Now I know it is because I just don't like it. I would rather wear a skirt to work and do not have a step through bike to ride. I do not have the facilities at work to shower or change. Florida is just too warm to ride without sweating most of the year. I will try to ride more next winter.