20160207 cycling

The week was better for cycling. I rode 5 days. Although those rides were all short, they were good and I felt better for having ridden.

The path along SR56 has been blocked off with SIDEWALK CLOSED signs. Because the construction cannot be seen from the signs, I ride in the road and avoid the path. 

On Monday, my HRM wasn't working. I hoped it was just the battery but didn't turn back to figure it out. Without the HRM, Wahoo will not calculate calories spent. Instead, My Fitness Pal calculated my speed and estimated I burned over 700 calories on my 10 mile ride! I usually burn between 250-350 calories in 10 miles.

Tuesday. No HRM because I forgot to get batteries. It was another short ride. It was foggy and the wind was a little stronger. I had to push to keep my pace above 14mph.

Wednesday. Warmer and windy. I got a battery for my HRM and it worked again. I tried to keep my pace up again over 14 mph. But the wind was too strong and I only managed 13.7mph.

Ryan continues to ride even when it is cold.

Ryan continues to ride even when it is cold.

Thursday. It was windy and I didn't have the energy to fight it. I rode 10 miles.

Friday. It was too cold to ride.

Saturday. It was cold and windy but I really wanted to ride. I managed another 10 mile loop.

I rode 50 miles last week.