20161113 cycling

62° humidity 90% wind 6 NE
Ugh. I wasn't feeling it. I got my period the first time in about 6 months.
9.05 miles
13.19 mph

the bar tape started fraying only months after it was put on

the bar tape started fraying only months after it was put on

No ride. Doctor appointment. 

coffeeneuring 6
69° humidity 85% wind 1-3 ENE ESE
I wasn't sure I wanted to ride very far or very long. But then I wanted to make up some of missing my ride yesterday. 
I rode Kinnan to Brockton. I had intended to go down Cross Creek but saw Cory Lake Isles across the road and opted for that. CLI is gated and I haven't been in there in over 10 years when the drought was bad and the water level was very low. I wasn't even sure I could get in. The sidewalks are also gated but there was a gap between the car lanes that I rode through. I half expected someone to yell at me to stop but no one bothered me. 
The main road is brick pavers so the entire route was bumpy. I am glad I have somewhat wider tires. It would have been really bad with the 23mm I had last year. 
I followed the road to Morris Bridge. MB has been resurfaced and the shoulder is wide and smooth now. Only low hanging branches were a hazard. 
I turned west at Flatwoods Park. It looks like they have done some resurfacing as well. The park is quiet during the week though I passed a few cyclists and joggers. 
I stopped to cross BBD outside of the park. I crossed the busy road then road down to Smoothie King. I don't know how long they have been there. The space used to be an electronics repair shop. 

There is no bike rack that I could see. I locked my bike to a sign pole. 
I ordered a Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya smoothie. $5.72
I drank half in the shop then rode home. There are a couple of tables inside but no outdoor seating. The barista and owner were nice and solicitous. 
The road home seemed windier but nothing to slow me down. 
21.33 miles
13.22 mph

61° humidity 94% wind 4 NNE
Chilly. Sunny. I didn't notice the fog until I got to Mansfield. My glasses fogged but I didn't feel like stopping. Steamy ponds. 
One loop. I stopped at Mansfield and SR56. Wahoo stopped showing HR and cadence. Apple Watch showed HR. 
9.03 miles
13.7 mph

55° humidity 94% wind 2-4 NE
Chilly. Wore my blue sweatshirt but was still chilled. Sunny so I didn't realize there would be fog. 
One loop. 
Car coming out at Vermillion almost hit me. Her windows were covered in dew and she was looking the other way. I swerved just in time. She rolled down her window and apologized. 
I stopped at SR56 and Mansfield. When I was ready to go and had the light, a car coming fast in the right turn lane on Mansfield only slowed enough to make the turn. No yield, nothing! I yelled and he stopped but he was well past the stop line. He didn't have the green arrow. Asshole. 
9.02 miles
13.44 mph

this heron seems to be here more often than not

this heron seems to be here more often than not

56° humidity 96% wind 1-2 mph NNW-NNE
Chilly. Went out to Union Park. 
Sand hill cranes making a lot of noise at MPB and Oldwoods. There were 8 altogether. Mating?
I stopped at the bridge. I checked some apps and feeds while the signal was strong. When I reopened Wahoo, the cadence and HR sensors wouldn't connect. This happened before. 
12.5 miles
13.58 mph

Why is there such a discrepancy between Wahoo and Apple Watch?

This week 60.9
This year 2237