february cycling recap

February was the worst month since I started riding again. Besides the crappy weather, I was stressed with trying to find work. Now that I have a new job, hopefully I can get back to a good rhythm of riding and losing weight again.

Week 1. I only biked 2 days. There was bad weather for 2 days. And I wasn't feeling that well for the other 2 days. 

Week 2. I only biked Monday & Tuesday. Weather and work are getting in the way. I started a new job at Dillard's. My starting time is earlier than at Macy's. 20 miles. 

Week 3. My worst week.  The boys had Monday off and I got lazy. I did ride Tuesday but only 9 miles. Then it got really cold. I had to work before it would get warm. 

Week 4. It started off well but got cold again. I rode two days for 22 miles.

I finished the month with 72 miles. My weight fluctuated but stayed about the same.