2015 december cycling recap

It was a good week for riding. I rode 5 times for 103.8 miles.

I didn't work on Monday and rode three loops around Meadow Pointe. 

I worked late on Tuesday and rode three loops again around Meadow Pointe, 24 miles. I switched bike saddles and felt a lot better.

I didn't have the energy to ride on Wednesday.

No work on Thursday, I rode three loops around Meadow Pointe, 24 miles.

I worked early on Friday and got in one loop for 9 miles.

I was scheduled to work late on Saturday. I went over to Fox Ridge and rode most of the streets. It is much more rural. I heard several roosters, saw some horses in a small paddock, I saw the confederate flag flying under the American flag. The houses ranged from mobile homes to two stores house well kept. 22 miles

20151213 bike miles.PNG

It was an OK week for cycling. I rode 4 times for 86 miles.

I worked late on Monday and rode 20 miles in a modified loop around Meadow Pointe. 

I had Tuesday off but worked until 10 pm on Monday. I was so tire and couldn't get the energy to rode.

I had Wednesday off and rode 3 loops around a Meadow Pointe, 24 miles.

I worked late again on Thursday and rode three loops around Meadow Pointe, 24 miles.

No ride on Friday. I worked early and had no energy.

I got in 2 loops on Saturday before I went into work at 11.

The holiday hours are killing me and my biking.

Rain and working early cancelled my Friday and Saturday rides 

Christmas retail doesn't work well with cycling. I had to go into work early this week. On the days I did ride, it was windy and curbed my enthusiasm.