20151129 cycling recap

I did a little better cycling last week. I cycled 5 times for 82 miles. 

The boys didn't have school last week. I didn't work on Monday. I got in two loops before I took the boys to the chiropractor. 

I worked early on Tuesday and Wednesday and only got in short rides. 

Ryan has been riding longer and farther. He doesn't have his own iPhone so I cannot see where he is. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I was lazy and Ryan left before me. I made him take my dad's iPhone so I could find him and he could call if he needed help. I watched his progress on Find My Friends. 
It was close to lunch time so I didn't get out until late. It was windy and unpleasant. I only got in 18 miles. 

Black Friday and I was scheduled to work at 8 am so no riding for me. 

I got in 24 miles on Saturday since I didn't have to be to work until noon.