I have never heard of coffeenuering. Is that even a real word? I saw the posts last year about coffeeneuring. I was too late to join but interested. When I saw the post announcing the dates for this year's challenge, I started thinking about joining. I don't drink coffee but tea and even hot chocolate are allowed. One of the rules is that it has to be seven different locals. Do we have seven different coffee shops in my area? (Different locations of the same chain are allowed.) I opened maps and started a search. Panera, Starbucks, Panera, Starbucks... Dunkin Donuts? Even though it is fall, it is still hot in Florida. Does Dunkin' Donuts have decent iced tea or chai? Other than chains, there are no independent coffee shops in the area. There is a artisanal bakery about 8 miles away. I have never been and their website is little more than a place holder. Since I cannot try many new places, maybe I will try some different drink or treat at each place. The challenge started October 3. The challenge is supposed to happen on the weekends but does allow for those of us who work on the weekends. I worked this weekend so maybe I will try Monday or Thursday.