I lost 60 pounds last year. It would be even more impressive if I hadn't gained 30 pounds last year. 

I lost about ten pounds during the first few months. I was walking almost every day. But I could only walk so much because of the arthritis in my ankle.

I said that when I lost 40 pounds, I would get back on my bike. I had 30 pounds to lose then I hurt my foot and could either sit and gain the weight back or try my bike. I tried the bike and felt so much better. Yes, there is hand pain but only when I am on my bike. The ankle pain would sometimes continue all day and even keep me from sleeping.

I lost more weight. Enough that my clothes fit again. Then they started getting loose. Once I lost 40 pounds, I found many of my clothes too big. I did not need to unbutton my bottoms to take them off. I had some shirts that were a smaller size and I started wearing them. I even found a stash of brand new clothes I could now wear. Most of the new clothes are sleeveless workout shirts but there are a few I can wear now. There are a couple of knit short and knit pants that are OK to wear around the house.

I would love to buy a new wardrobe but don't have the money and hope to lose more weight. I did buy some clothes for work and then had to buy more once those grew too loose. I got some shorts on clearance and a couple pairs of jeans to wear on my days off.

One of the big problems is finding a bra. I don't have the boobs that come with being fat. I found some bras I wore years ago and they worked. They were stretched out some but looked better than sport bras. With machine washing, the underwires twist and poke and break. Now I really new new ones.

I was a little disappointed that no one has noticed or said anything. I saw Bridget in the beginning of December and she noticed. (It probably helped that I was wearing work clothes that fit.) I shouldn't need a pat on the back, but I do. I do not have any "before" photos of me in a full body pose. But I can see it in my face.