one hundred and forty miles

I did well riding in May. I noticed some problems with my bum and got a new seat. I also started wearing a padded skort. It all helped and I felt really good. I wasn't losing weight but I knew that would come once I got better at riding and could ride faster and longer.

I was surprised and happy to find that I rode 140 miles in May. It may not seem like much to seasoned cyclists but it seemed like so much compared to the 50 miles I did walking. Many of those miles were ridden with Andy in the evenings. Even after he did well in the Special Olympics State Games, he still wanted to ride.

The best part was that my ankle pain was almost gone. I still had problems with plantar fasciitis especially in the morning but it was manageable. I no longer had ankle pain while I was sitting.

I do look at bicycles I would love to buy but know that what I have is fine. I love the idea on the Dutch style city bikes. I know I won't be going car-free but the idea of riding my bike everywhere. Suburban Florida just isn't the place the go car free.