a new bike

Andy needed a new bike. He had been riding his current bike for 4 years. Back then, all I could find with a single speed were expensive cruisers. I didn't understand why they were more expensive than geared bikes. I didn't want to spend $600 or more on a simple bike. A salesman convinced me that the BMX style bike would be fine. And it was fine for a few years. But Andy is tall and the smaller bike takes more effort. He cannot compete with those rising larger bikes. 

Andy is not competitive but he needs to have good times in order to qualify for the state games at Disney. He really surprised me by riding  the 5k and even earning a blue ribbon. I started looking at new bike. 

I started my search online. I found that the Trek single speed bikes are still over $500. I kept looking and found a bike called Pure Fixe. These single speed bikes are fun looking and about $360. But the reviews are mixed. I kept looking but didn't find anything else.
I decided to check out the Pure Fixe at a bike shop. There is a shop downtown that carries both the Pure Fixe and Trek. I went down there after a photography meet-up. 

I walked in and saw this beautiful matte olive green cruiser for $259! The salesman greeted me and I asked him about the Pure Fixe. He said they are sold out but have these Electra Cruisers. I had not heard about Electra. He told me that Trek bought them this year. He said that they specialize in cruiser bikes which is why the price is so good. The model they had was a men's tall. It would be good for Andy. Electra also makes fun accessories like bells and baskets and such. I asked if they would take a deposit but they would not. They would hold the bike for 24 hour. 

I came home and told dad. He lent me the money and I called the bike shop. They do not accept payment over the phone. They would not hold the bike after 24 hours and, by the way, they were having a sale starting Thursday so don't plan on the bike being there by Monday. 

I really didn't want to drive back the next day. I had a meeting in the morning so my day was already busy. I called a local shop and asked about the Electra. They had them but not the one I wanted. However, they get a new shipment every week. If they didn't get the bike this week, they would make sure they get it next week. OK. Can I pay over the phone? Yep. Done deal. 

About an hour later, the first bike shop called back. They said they can accept payments online and I can order the bike on the website. I told them I made other plans. I did check their website and found  that they didn't even have that specific bike listed. They only had the Pure Fixe listed which were sold out in the store. I am glad I didn't try that. 

About a week later, we got a call that Andy's bike was ready and we went to pick it up. I had Andy try it out. He was shaky because the seat was too high. He rode more confidently once it was adjusted correctly. Once we got home, he wanted to ride around the neighborhood. 

I kept looking at my bike hanging on the wall and wondered if I could ride. It has been years and I am much heavier.