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I installed nvAlt and am working through my documents to save them in text format. Doing this has gotten me interested in writing more. Then I listened to Giant Size with Moises Chiullan and Merlin Mann. Merlin was speechless that John Gholson had not read Astonishing X-Men. I haven't read that series either. I went to Marvel and added Astonishing X-men to my queue. The series starts in 2004 and though it kills me to go back that far, I know it better to read from the beginning.

In less than a week, I was caught up to my current 2011 timeline. It helps that Astonishing X-men is not issued every month but about every three months. It doesn't tie into many of the major cross-over events but does allow for them.

Marvel Unlimited allows me to read all the Marvel comics I want for $9.99 a month. It is a great way to catch up with what is happening now.

With comics, many characters come and go, die and are revived again. It is worse than soap operas but much more colorful and fun.