20140130 daarksky.PNG

I don't usually listen to podcasts during my morning walk. I want to go at a certain pace and podcasts tend to distract me. The weather today is crap and I am doing well going out to walk. I continued to listen to All Songs Considered. Today's mix is just that. Some electronic stuff, some dance, some hip hop, some old jazz. If I were at home, I might fast forward through some of the songs. This morning I was bundled up and too lazy to remove my gloves to get the iPhone out of my pocket. I listened to all the songs.
Sami Yenigun introduced Moodymann's Sunday Hotel. It has been over twenty years since I went to a disco. I am not one to listen to dance music. I found it to be the perfect beat for walking. It reminded me of Detroit and Chicago. I came home and purchased the track and added it to my walking playlist.