i read comic books


I don't remember my brothers reading comic books. They are older than us girls so maybe they outgrew them. Though dad tells stories of Steve getting caught with them at school.

Nancy and I only read comics in Brighton when we stayed at the cottage for the summer. We had to go into town to use the laundromat. Next door was Uber's Drugs. Mom would get a book or magazine, we got comic books. We chose Archie or Richie Rich or Casper The Friendly Ghost. 

As we got older, we chose crossword puzzles or teen magazines. 

I learned of Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I really liked his conventional books, maybe I should try his graphic novel? I looked for Sandman at Barnes & Noble. I wanted to look at it before I spent the money. Twenty dollars seemed like a lot for a comic book, or graphic novel. I had an iPad and tried Comixology. I tried a few issues of Sandman. I was confused. It more complex than I expected. It didn't hook me. 

Merlin Mann convinced me to try again with Saga, Locke & Key then Hawkeye. Soon I was trying The Avengers, Batman and Robin. I tried to stick with the series that were new so I could start fresh and know what was going on. But Merlin said he liked House of M and I said OK. I really fell in deep with House of M. I wanted to read all the tie-ins. I wanted to know everything. 

New comics are about $3.99 an issue. Older issues are usually reduced to $1.99. but there was so much to read and I can easily read several comics a day. I had to stop. I decided to try Marvel Unlimited. It is a bit like Netflix for Marvel Comics. And most of what I read is from Marvel. For $9.99 a month, I can read most the older issues. In two days, I have already read 16 comics. Some of these weren't even available on Comixology. 

Marvel Unlimited is not a great app on the iPad. I don't know why they don't use the same software they use for the regular Marvel app with the smart panels. I hope to read all I want in a few months and catch up. Then I will go back to getting just new issues as they are released. A budget would be good too.

I do find it odd that my boys don't get into them. Occasionally they will read The Simpsons but that is as far as it goes.