now what?


I read a comic which asked the question, "What would you want to do if money were not an issue?" It is a great question. And I wish I was asked this before I made any career choices.

I want to make art. 

What kind of art? I like photography and graphic design and lettering.

I have always liked art and drawing. When I was younger and thinking of careers, I knew art would be a struggle to make a living. I thought architecture would be a good compromise. 

I was wrong. Very few architects get to make anything resembling art. Architects are problem solvers. I am good at problem solver. Though I do not like the methods and bureaucracy involved with architecture. 

I made the decision to become an architect when I was 10 years old. It has taken me 38 years to realize it might not have been the right decision. I don't regret becoming an architect, I have had some great experiences and learned some valuable things. I wonder what life would have been like if I had followed a more artistic path.

Now I wonder if it is too late?

I know it is never too late but I feel like I wasted many years and resources I had looking for a hobby.

Where do I go from here?