computer less. the last day

I was getting pretty antsy to get back to my computer. I thought about cleaning my desk but never got around to it. I did vacuum to large dust bunnies last week. Even with the computer to distract me, there is plenty for me to do other than what I should do.

I was waiting all day for the call. Dinner came and went. I got an email after 6 telling me that my computer was ready. An email? Sure, OK.

I asked Ryan if I should go since he is almost as anxious for me to get the computer back. “What time will you get home?” I thought I should be back by 7:30. He said OK and I left. I had to wait about 5 minutes for someone to help. They are always busy at the apple store. I was back home at 7:37.

I loaded up my extra ram and booted the iMac. I was expecting a generic computer but they managed to put almost everything on the new drive. I quickly connected all my hard drives and started syncing my iPad. I got a message that I needed to authorize iTunes, so I entered in my password. Only to have another dialogue box say that this computer is already authorized. Silly computer.

I backed and synced the devices and some other maintenance. SuperDuper! is running its backup. And CrashPlan is figuring out what is different as well. Happy.