computer less day 5


Ryan was upset that we still don't have the computer back. "I'll never be allowed to sync.” I offered to set up iTunes on his computer using my back up drives. “But that will take too long.” Actually, it won't take long if I just use my boot drive. But he doesn't want me to use his computer. Today he is learning patience. Next we will work on compromise and sharing.

catch up

Saturday is the day I catch up on some computer tasks. I download Year of Icons for the week. I add the week’s worth of photo of the day to the monthly layout. I make a digital card to add to be printed folder.

web transactions

One of my domains was due for renewal. It is registered at NameCheap. I went to 1Password to renew it. I logged in OK but each time I click to renew, I got sent back to login. I went to Safari and logged in. It worked this time and I got to the checkout screen. I chose PayPal knowing it would be less fields to fill in.


The same problems occur with the SquareSpace app. The iPhone app does not have the option to flip to Markdown. I wanted to try to fix it using the web app but cannot login using cut and paste. I will not enter the long password manually. My bank is the same way. Why do these sites make it more difficult to use safer passwords?