computer less day 4


I did not have missed my computer too much today. I went to the high school to help celebrate Andy's birthday. I was supposed to have his IEP meeting today but his teacher had to postpone.

But I did miss my computer when I tried to post to my blog. SquareSpace app is rough. It crashes on my iPad 1 when I try to save or post to the website or refresh the post list. And adding a photo will only put it at the end no matter if you add it before the text. I ended up using both iPad and iPhone apps to get a short post posted.

I got a phone call from Apple while I was on my way to the school. But it was only a tease. They were calling to let me know it would not be finished today. Oh well, I didn't expect it even though the email said 3-5 days.

The rest of the day went well and I easily used my iPad and iPhone. Well, except for when my iPhone got stuck in Camera mode and I couldn't reset it. I realized I couldn't even restore without my computer. But I got home and took my time and got it to Hard Reset. All was well.