cold but walking

We are having weird weather in Florida. It is cold. We typically only need to turn on the heat a handful of days each year. It seems like the heat has been on most of the winter. 

I go walking most mornings. I don't own running tights or sweatpants. I walk in a skort made for biking. Most mornings I am OK. Today is was cold and windy and even my teeth got cold.

Thankfully I had a playlist that kept me moving. I use Tangerine to evaluate my music and give me tracks that will keep me moving at a fairly steady pace. My dad thinks I should walk to Sousa Marches. I like my eclectic mix.

  1. California Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  2. Girlfriend Is Better Talking Heads 126bpm
  3. Phone Call From Leavenworth Chris Whitley 124bpm
  4. Wind Up Foo Fighters 126bpm
  5. Say You Love Me Fleetwood Mac 127bpm
  6. Wild Vanilla Kristin Hersh
  7. Wouldn't It Be Nice The Beach Boys