I was going through my feed reader and read something that had me saying, d'oh! I was reading Patrick Rhone's blog where he was talking about his morning routine. He said that his wife poured the coffee but only a half cup for herself. She likes her coffee piping hot and cannot drink a full cup before it gets too cold. Then she gets another half cup of coffee when she is ready.

I do not drink coffee but tea. And I do like it hot. Not piping hot, but hot. I do not like tea at room temperature. Hot or iced, nothing in between. As the tea cools, I start to drink faster to avoid that tepidness. Then I feel bloated.

I have tried using an insulated cup but it keeps the tea too hot. Until now, I hadn't thought about making some tea and putting it into the thermos and pouring out a smaller amount to drink.

Sometimes the obvious solutions elude even me.