rss. a work still in progress

My rss client, FeedWrangler, stopped working on a Saturday morning. Interruptions have happened before. I assumed it would be corrected in a couple of hours. Towards evening, I went looking for some news of FeedWrangler. A few mentions on Twitter but nothing from @FeedWrangler nor its developer @_DavidSmith. I started to get concerned but hoped David Smith was at an all day event and could access his website.
By Sunday morning, I was frustrated. I subscribe to a lot of feeds. Too many feeds. I wasn't too worried about missing important news, but I didn't want my unread items piling up. I went to my feed reader apps and added my FeedBin credentials. I haven't used FeedBin in weeks. My unread count was near 10,000. Also, the feed list was different as I have deleted some and added others.
When GoogleReader was shutting down, I looked for a replacement. I first chose FeedBin. I signed up for FeedBin. It seemed OK but then one of favorite apps added FeedWrangler before FeedBin. I signed up for FeedWrangler. After going back and forth, I settled for FeedWrangler. FeedBin raised their prices, the went open source and I was glad for my choice for FeedWrangler. I knew I would get rid of FeedBin account when it came time for renewal. 
However, this weekend showed me that rss is still not stable and I should keep my options open. I should also keep a list of my feeds in a space I can access if the system goes down again.
FeedWrangler is back up. The developer was at a cabin without reception. It is good that it was fixed easily enough. Though I am now a bit doubtful that one person can handle this much responsibility. Where are the backup contingencies? What is something happened to the developer? None of us are invulnerable. 
It took a few days but I created a backup list of my feeds. I know I have an OPML file but that needs something to read it. I just wanted something for those temporary outages. As of Tuesday, I am halfway through the list. I am paring down the list as well. There are many feeds I only look at the headlines, some I keep because they followed me at some point. I have also found quite a few that have stopped posting.