the bonus was better than what I bought

I first learned about Kickstarter from Gavin Castelton. He had a Kickstarter campaign to fun his album Won Over Frequency. I really liked his previous album, Home, so I thought I would back this project. It seems like a win-win situation. I give him money, and in a few months, he gives me an album. I was thrilled with the experience. From there I back LetterMpress. I wasn't very happy with this. I couldn't quite figure out how to make it work on my iPad. But I had only spent $10 so I wasn't upset.

I try to stick with projects where I got something back. I know people say that Kickstarter is not pre-order. There may be problems down the line. It is the risk one takes when backing the projects. But I look at these projects as pre-orders. I only back projects I would purchase if available today. Products that I want or need.

I saw the GoKey on Kickstarter. I thought it looked like a good idea in the event the boys ever needed to carry a house key. (I know they could carry one around their neck or in a pocket meant for shoes. But they don't don't always wear shoes with laces. In fact, Ryan never wears shoes with laces.) I liked that no one would know they had a key as the wrist band looks similar to others people wear. 

I decided to back the project and hopefully get 3 GoKeys. Months later, I got my GoKeys in the mail. I was a bit disappointed in them. I tried to fit a key inside and show Andy how to use it. The key was difficult to get inside the GoKey. Then it was even more difficult to fasten around Andy's wrist. I didn't even try to put it on myself using one hand as I couldn't do it easily with two. I set them aside thinking I would figure it out when the need arose. 

I noticed the bonus but didn't look at it twice. I just assumed it was a device cleaner. I went to open it and see if it was worth keeping and was confused by what it was. Buff? It felt silkier than anything I would use to clean my iPhone or iPad. It was also rather large, and tubular. What was this thing? There was a little piece of paper with the graphic images that fell when I opened it. I found it under my desk and looked at it. It is called a Buff and showed some images of people wearing this as a neck gaiter, a headband, a do-rag and more. Hmm... I have an idea.


Lately, I have been trying to go more natural with my hair. It has some curl but I wanted more. One suggestion was to not use a towel to dry my hair but to use a t-short and “plop” it. I tried the t-short but I wasn't having much luck. I thought the Buff might work. Another suggestion for curler hair is to use silk pillow cases. I do not like the feel of silk when I sleep so I tried the top knot approach. I though the Buff would work better. 

I tried drying my hair first. I looked a bit goofy. OK, a lot goofy, but it worked. My hair seemed curlier the rest of the day. I slept with it and my hair was less tangled and more curly in the morning.

I went to see if I could get another one. One to use when this one is dirty or one that doesn't have the GoKey logo all over it. I found and videos to different ways to wear the Buff. I also found that they are not cheap. One Buff is $20. 


No one saw me wear it on Friday. I wore it again on Saturday after my shower. Andy noticed but didn't say anything. Ryan asked why I was wearing a coon skinned cap. (After I stopped laughing, I explained it was not a coon skinned cap.) Dad looked at me funny and chuckled. 

It may look goofy but it works for me. And I doubt I would go out of the house unless I was wearing it as a headband. The GoKeys may have been disappointing, but the bonus Buff was a welcome surprise.