lowery park zoo

Wednesday Adventure Club. 

Andy's choice this week. He chose to go back to Lowery Park Zoo

We left the house before 9:30. I realized when we got to Bruce B Downs that we didn't have our passes. I put the on the counter so I wouldn't forget them. Dad must have put them back in the microwave. Ryan wanted to cancel WAC. I tried explaining that life is like this and you need to learn how to deal with these little problems or you will never be able to handle the big problems. He still wanted to stay home. I gave him the choice of staying home alone or coming with us. He won't stay home alone. 

We got to the zoo just after 10. It was not crowded and we parked close to the entrance. We walked through the aviary near the entrance. There were not many birds about. They are doing modifications to the exhibit. We walked to Wallaroo Station. We went inside to see the Wallabies. They were hiding because of the heat. We did see one.

The water play area was closed for renovations. The Wool Shed was gone, converted into bumper boats. The boys are too big. We walked by the emus. Ryan read every sign out loud and heeded the warnings. The Dingos were sleeping. The bats were fewer. 

We walked in the Pony Shed but the stalls were empty. We only saw a Llama getting ready for a walk. Ryan stayed clear of the goats, afraid they would eat him. 

We walked to Safari Africa through the tunnel. Andy liked the echo. Ryan was glad for the shade and cooler temps. It was hot. When we stopped, I could feel the sweat rolling down. 

The Meerkats were sitting up but there weren't many. They were not active.

The Giraffes and Zebras were hanging out in the shade. It always smells by the Elephants. We walked down to the Rhino Feeding area but they were hanging away from the area. 

Ryan started walked back and skipped the Ituri Forest. He was hot and tired. I checked the weather. It was 86 but felt like 99. I told him to get a drink. Both boys smuggled in drinks. But Ryan didn't want to get in trouble. So why bring it in? Andy wouldn't drink because Ryan wouldn't drink. Ugh. 

We left the park just after 11. We went to McDonald's & CFA for lunch. We were home just after noon.