polk museum of art

Ryan chose the Polk Museum of Art. He looked at the info in the book and said “...students with ID. Where is my ID?” I assured him it meant adult students. 

We left the house about 9:30. Ryan gets to choose the route there and Andy gets to choose the route home. Ryan couldn't decide which way to go. He got upset and wanted to go back home. This made Andy upset. This was not going to be fun. But I realized that we have been lucky this summer without any major melt-downs. I also felt like I had to pee the whole way there. 

We got to the museum about 10:30. We walked in and saw the rules. No backpacks or cameras. Ryan was not happy and wanted to go home. He was really concerned about was the threat of rain. We took the backpacks back to the car and I carried the umbrellas.

We went back in and paid the fee. It was only $5 for me and the boy were free. It wasn't worth much more. They have only a couple of permanent exhibits and they are small. One exhibit is upstairs but the elevator was out of service and Ryan didn't see the stairs. When he found them on the map, he no longer wanted to go upstairs. 

The Polk Library was across the parking lot and we walked over there. It is really nice with separate rooms for kids and teens. The boys walked around and checked everything out. 

Ryan said he wanted to go downtown. I was hoping he would say we could wander around the park. I brought my dSLR just in case. He started directing me and we passed the park. Ryan directed me to turn onto US98 and I knew he meant to go home. 

We found McDonald's and Ryan said it was an old fashioned building. I said it wasn't, because to me, old fashioned meant the original design with large golden arches. This one was the standard design from the 1970's until 2006. After so many decades, McDonald’s is finally changed their design to a sleeker look with more subtle arches over the entry.

We found Chick Fil A and had to wait through 3 lights to make the turn. There was a back up if we went left so we made a u-turn. Turns out the back up was because of CFA. The drive thru is incredibly convoluted. The drive through wraps around the front of the store. But it works for the location.

Then I learned it was National CFA Appreciation Day and this traffic is not normal. When I had read there might be protestors, I didn't realize it was today. There were no protestors here. We saw long lines at our CFA as we drive home. Why I continue to eat at CFA despite the protests regarding equal rights is a post for another day. 

We had to drive through rain on the way home. It wasn't bad but it slowed us down a bit and made Ryan anxious.

I took my camera knowing I could not use it at the Museum. I was hoping we could walk around the park. I only got a few photos with my iPhone.