chick fil a & gay rights

My boys are very picky eaters.  

When the boys went through the typical toddler aversion to food, I did not worry. I assumed that they would go back to eating more food like every other kids. But I was wrong. They were diagnosed with autism and their picky eating habits became worse. Mother wisdom would say to put the food out for the kid and they will eat or go hungry, they won't starve themselves. Mother wisdom did not have kids with autism. They will starve themselves rather than eat something they don't want. This was the main reason I never tried the gluten free/casein free diet that is supposed to be beneficial for people with autism. 

My boys eat the same things day after day, week after week. It makes meal planning simple but makes going out difficult. We can't just go out to eat. We can't just pick a place and find something the boys will eat. When we do go out, we  have to stop at Chick Fil A for Andy and McDonald's for Ryan. Ryan prefers fries from McDonald's. He will not eat fries from Chick Fil A. He just won't eat. I know Ryan will eat fries from McDonald's. He used to prefer fries from Wendy's until they change their process. I know that Andy will eat chicken selects and fries from McDonald's. He will eat fries and nuggets from Chick Fil A. He may or may not eat fries from Burger King or Wendy's.

This means we have two reliable places to eat when we go out. So when I started seeing tweets about Chick Fil A and gay rights, I became concerned. The tweets claim that Chick Fil A is anti-gay because they support pro-family organizations. This bothers me. I support gay rights. I support equal rights for everyone. I also like the food and service at Chick Fil A. The choice is not that easy. 

If I stop eating at Chick Fil A for political reasons, what can I substitute? We tried PDQ and Andy did not like it. If we only go to McDonald's, what happens if they stop making chicken selects? 

I have to choose my battles. I will continue to go to Chick Fil A when I am with Andy. But I will not go there by myself, no matter how good the tea is.