2006.05.28 bed head

I started blogging back in 2004 with iWeb. I thought I had the entries saved but cannot find them. I found a few entries from 2006 when I blogged with TypePad.

I don’t typically suffered from bed head. Andy does. And so does my sister in law, Laurie. That was always a fun part to spending weekends at the cottage, waiting to see how funky Laurie’s hair was each morning. But last night, I took a shower before I went to bed since I had forgotten to do so all day (we’ll get to my lazy day in a moment). I knew my hair my be a bit unkempt but I was unprepared for the swirling mass of curls and tangles that I have today. It gave me a good chuckle until I realized that the brushing was only making it fluffier. Thank goodness for barrettes.

10 weeks, 1 day (in case you are keeping track as well)

I am so incredibly lazy right now but nothing beats yesterday. Yes, I did get out of bed but only because I have these boys who refuse to be self-sufficient. Once I made them some bagels, I sat in my chair and started to read. Oh my eyes were heavy. I then drifted in and out of sleep from 10 am until noon. I forced myself up but I SO wanted to be back in bed. 

I had told myself that I wasn’t going to do any linnecards work but would make some cards. (I am SO behind, it ain’t pretty.) But I’m sure that my mind took over realizing that I have a huge mess to clean up around my desk before I can get working. So I did some linnecards work since the area around my computer is accessible. Then I watched the rest of Strangers with Candy, Seasons 2 and 3. Funny but it would have been much better watching it with someone who understood the irony. (Ryan just thinks it’s funny when the someone gets hurt.)

Now it is 11 am and I have finally made waffles & sausage for Andy & me. (Ryan won’t eat sausage anymore and will only eat the waffles when they are cold.) I really have to get something done today. But then again, tomorrow IS a holiday.