tampa police museum

Andy chose the Tampa Police Museum for Wednesday Adventure Club. Ryan put this option on the list from a travel guide that he read. I was surprised that it made the list. I have been there and didn't think it was very interesting.

Ryan chose the route downtown. He opted for Navigon's middle option which was the longest since it has more surface roads than interstate. And he complains when Andy's chooses a longer route on the way home. I know the downtown area around the Police Headquarters because we have had several photo walks there. Parking was easily found and a stranger gave us her parking receipt so we didn't have to pay.

We walked around the block to the entrance. Ryan saw the barricade and went to cross the sidewalk. I told him we could go this way since the museum was before the barricade. There were signs inside the museum windows saying to go around the building. I was confused but tried the door. It was locked so we walked around. The signs said we should go upstairs. I knew this wasn't right and we went back to the front. The doors were still locked but I saw a man sitting and talking on the phone. He got up and let us in. He didn't get off the phone. 

It didn’t take long to walk through. The museum is small and mostly a memorial to those who lost their lives in the line of duty. The exhibits consist of dusty uniforms and some badges behind glass.

We did see a robotic bomb diffuser and a jail cell door. Andy was happy to stand the faux jail cell. Ryan didn’t want to go in. I showed him that the key cannot be taken away and he got in. But he immediately set to unlocking the door. We were done with the place in less than 15 minutes.

We walked around a few blocks, following Ryan’s lead. The boys are very good about following the rules for crossing the streets and questioned anytime someone crossed against the light or jaywalked. They were very anxious and jumpy around cars.

We got back to car at 10:40 which was a bit early for lunch. We went to Barnes & Noble since the rained kept us from going after haircuts yesterday. The boys picked out their books while I ate lunch. I am very tired of chicken nuggets and was happy to eat a roasted tomato caprese panini.

Then we did drive thru lunch and went home.

Photos can be seen on flickr and I made layout.