heritage village

Wednesday Adventure Club was on Thursday. 

Ryan's chose Heritage Village. I took the boys there back in August 2010. We went after I had a photo shoot at Plant Hall. We didn't last very long because of the heat.

Ryan chose to go I75 to I4. I showed the boys the Raymond James offices where Gail used to work. We arrived at the Village just before 11. The parking lot was full and we had to park on the street. Ryan didn't this was allowed since no one else was there. I sprayed Off! on all of us knowing we would be walking around a lot of trees and scrub.

Ryan went first to the visitor center. He didn't walk around, just got the map to be on our way. 

We walked through the McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin, the Sulphur Springs Train Depot, HC Smith Store, McMullen House, and Walsingham House. The Walsingham House was set up as a doctor's office in the 1920s. The woman who gave the tour was just learning and did an OK job. Andy didn't want a tour. He wanted to walk around. 

We followed Ryan as he went the wrong way. Actually, it wasn't his fault as the map showed a path that had not been completed. We had to walk through some soggy ground to get back on track. I was glad for the Off!

We walked by the outhouses at Moore House and looked at the Union Academy. We looked at the fire engine and walked through the Lowe Barn and the Lowe House. The buildings are air conditioned which really helped. But it was still really hot. 

A lot of the scrub is gone and you can see most of the buildings clearly. We made it back to the visitor center and looked in on the wood carver. He looked bored. 

Ryan was done. We were ready to leave. We found our way to McDonald's and CFA for lunch. Andy picked the same way home.