early morning spice

I was walking Saturday morning. I rounded the corner onto FG and saw a gentleman come out of his house. I have seen him before, usually coming home from his walk/run. His shirt is typically soaked with sweat. 
He started out slow, and I began to catch up to him. As I got closer, I noticed a fragrant odor. Was someone cooking onions at 7 am or did this guy wear the same clothes day after day without washing them? 
He started picking up pace so I could not pass him. Finally, we reached the intersection where he continued straight and I turned onto ES. The smell faded away so I assumed this guy was ripe before he even got started. 
I continued on my walk and didn't think about him. I do a somewhat figure eight route and as I turned from ES back to FG, the smell came back. The gentleman was nowhere in site so I knew it wasn't him. Someone had been fixing their breakfast. 
The next morning I had the thought that maybe he thought it was me and that is why he picked up his pace!