I am still enjoying podcasts. Way too many of them. I am lucky if I can get through all the ones I download in a week. I am learning to be more discerning with my time an fast forward through ones that do not interest me. I am a child of limited TV channels and no DVRs so I tend to listen to things I find boring hoping to get to the more interesting stuff soon. I have to keep remembering that there is so much information and entertainment. So much content, that I can be choosy. 

I only listen to one podcast since I started listening was back in 2003 or 2004. MacGeekGab is still going strong and is still relevant.  I now listen through Instacast on my iPhone. I tried to listen with my iPad but it tends to crash with Instacast. Instacast allows me to have playlists. 

My playlist called safe is my most used playlist. This includes most of my NPR podcasts and all of my tech podcasts from networks like 5by5 and 70 Decibels. 

My humor playlist contains all the podcasts that may contain swearing. I don't always wear headphones and need to be aware of who might also be listening. I don't worry about my kids hearing such language. They know they cannot repeat these words. They listen to George Carlin and know which bits to repeat. It is my father who objects to poor and filthy language. I understand him not like the swearing but he also objects to hearing "Oh my God!" and when a podcaster uses such phrases as "you know" too often. Several times he has counted how many times that phrase was said and told me after the podcast was over. I tend to tune that out so I can enjoy the podcast. It is difficult when dad points it out. Most of these podcasts are listened to with headphones while I am walking. 

My third playlist is called music. Several of the NPR podcasts are about music. I tend to listen to this playlist last if I have time at the end of the weekend. The quality isn't so good listening through the iPhone speaker but I am listening to learn about new music or the artists.