06 september 2011


Clearing out the clutter.

I used to be organized. I used to pay my bills on time and file everything right away.

I had kids and my priorities changed daily. I paid my bills but filing did not get done often. I discovered message boards and scrap booking and more of my routines fell away.

I opened an online store and just about everything non-essential got shoved aside. Things and crap and clutter accumulated.

Three years ago, I cleaned up the house and boxed a lot of crap I didn't have time to deal with.

I have time now and I want to get rid of it. But it is time consuming. And overwhelming.

I tried an online workshop to get me started. It was helpful in that it gave me small tasks to accomplish daily. This fueled my desire to do more and I did do more.

I would love to sign up for another workshop, one more in depth, but the money is just not available. Other workshops I would like to take are Organize Your Paper Clutter & Simplify Your Life With Habits & Routines

I purchased Unclutter Your Life in One Week. It had been in my wish list since it first came out. I started reading it while taking the workshop. I had decided to start doing those tasks when I finished the workshop. The workshop ends today and I have changed my mind. As much as I want to clean out my closet, I think I need to work on my office/living room. I need to have a garage sale so this takes priority over an area only I see.

This blog will be the journey as I get rid of the crap and find my house underneath it all.

I was productive today. I worked for about an hour laking paper collections. I cleaned up most of the laundry area and part of the pantry. I have 3 more boxes to give away.